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About Us

dob studio is an IT startup that creates and produces virtual humans.

We synthesize videos that maintain a consistent identity with a virtual face that reflects the micro expressions and emotions of the original face.


 In the metaverse era, the time humans spend in the digital world is getting longer.

Especially for digital natives, Generation Z, the experience of various digital 
platforms is just as important as the experience in the real world.

dob studio develops high-end AI graphic technology to provide realistic and enjoyable digital 
experiences that can replace the real world.

The virtual face created by dob studio is faster and more sophisticated than other technologies that currently exist, which is indistinguishable from a real person’s face.


dob studio dreams fun world where anyone can live the second and third life experiences 
with the faces they want in the metaverse.



  • Established dob studio

  • Launched dob studio’s the first virtual human ‘Rui’

  • Virtual Human ‘Rui’, Gangneung Cultural Heritage Night Travel Promotion Branded Content Production


  • ‘Rui’ appointed as an ambassador for Korea Welfare Foundation

  • Signed a joint business agreement with KAYD

  • Provided technical support for the campaign of Viewer Media Foundation <Deepfake Criminal Prevention>

  • ‘Rui' appointed as an honorary ambassador for Korea Tourism Organization

  • Created virtual human and contents for KT

  • Signed MOU with Dexter Studios

  • Signed MOU with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea

  • ‘Rui’ appointed as a Nuri Honorary Ambassador of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

  • Provided technical support for TVING’s variety show <I want to be a Virtual World Star>

  • Raised KRW 5 billion in Pre-A series

  • Created virtual human and contents for LG Electronics


  • Provided technical support for TVING’s variety show <ALIVE>

  • Created virtual human for Doosan Electronics

  • Created virtual human ‘Ellie’ for LG Web OS

  • Released ‘Aila’ digital single <In a day> and MV

  • Signed contract with KB for virtual human full package service

  • Signed contract with YG Plus for virtual human package service

  • Awarded by the Minister of Science and ICT of the Korea Metaverse Awards

  • Selected as Korea AI Startup 100


  • Selected as 2023 Emerging AI+X Metaverse Top 100


I♥dob(Idob) is a group of people who enjoys the process of taking initiatives and pursuing innovative values while seizing opportunities in the midst of problems and changes.

Startup DNA


We take the initiative in solving problems by seizing opportunities in the midst of change.

Audacious Challenge


We challenge innovative values that cannot be compared with existing methods or the market.



We have sense of humanity that enjoys the process of taking on challenges and looks back on colleagues.


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