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dob Studio
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Thank you for visiting the official website of dob Studio.
We are an A.I technology development company that creates virtual faces.

Since we founded the company in June 2020, we have created 20 virtual faces so far. We created influencers owned and operated by Korean entertainers and companies, and we also created virtual human Rui and Hama, our company producing its own content. We are working hard to launch global services with more upgraded technology. If you have any questions, please send an email to and we will respond as quickly as possible. Please understand that the response may be slightly delayed.

Thank you!

Dreaming like a butterfly

Living in the Metaverse as someone I want to be

It is an era where 'me in the digital world' is becoming more and more important.

In Metaverse, the 'virtual human' as a 'personality' that interacts with each other

and forms a fandom as the relationship develops is attracting attention,

not 'digital characters' who could only perform certain actions and dialogues

within a given storyboard in the past.

In Metaverse such as Lifelogging and Virtual worlds, anyone can live

as something they want, anyone can become a Hero or a Heroin.

That reflects the subtle expressions and emotions of the face

Synthesize a video that maintains a consistent face identity with a virtual face.


​Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why don't you provide services to individuals?


   There are many reasons, both technically and commercially.

   Especially since there is room for our technology to be misused.

   We will prepare thoroughly and present you with a complete service.


Q. When does personal service start?

   We aim to launch in July 2022.


Q. This is a company. How can we collaborate?

   Because our HW and manpower are limited

   In addition to current projects

   New projects need some more time.

   Please let us know about the project you would like to proceed by e-mail.

   If you have any questions, please contact

   We will reply to you as soon as possible.


Q. What is the price?

   The cost of creating and selling a virtual face and

   Virtual face content continuously  to convert

   It is separated by cost.

   The specific price depends on the difficulty of the project and

   Depending on the amount of content, etc.  because it changes a lot

   Email the details of the project you want to proceed

   Send it to us and we will quote you as soon as possible.

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