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[Interview] "I found a way to use deepfakes positively" Oh Je-wook, CEO of D.O.B Studio


A startup has started to improve the perception of 'Deepfake' technology, which has a strong negative perception from the public. The main character is D.O.S. Studio, the creator of the fictional character 'Louis' who is active on the Louis Covery YouTube channel.


Can AI Be Human's Friend?


CEO Oh purchased the portrait rights of 7 people to create the face of Louis and collected facial data. After that, it did 'machine learning' with its own artificial intelligence (Deep Learning) and produced graphics that are as close to real people as possible.


Louie, Ima, and Rosie have in common that they are 'virtual humans' and YouTubers and Instagram influencers.  soaring popularity


The virtual human 'Louis' is on the rise. She recently hosted the YouTube channel 'Louis Covery' and is drawing the world's attention by posting travel vlogs and cover song videos.


Active activities such as Instagram and YouTube.

An online world dominated by virtual humans


Louis introduces himself as "a virtual YouTuber that can only be met online." D.O.B Studio used AI deep learning technology to create Louis by synthesizing a virtual face with an actual video.


"I'm afraid of technological advancement" Virtual YouTuber Louie, the quality that I can't believe even seeing it with my own eyes


Virtual YouTuber Louie is attracting attention from netizens.
In October of last year, a video of the virtual daughter-in-law, Louis, was released through Instagram and YouTube. In the published video, Louie boasted an amazing quality to the extent that it was believed that it was a real person.


“Did you notice something awkward about this woman you see now?”


Unidentified female YouTuber
“I can only meet online”

Virtual YouTuber 'Louis' is attracting attention.


"Isn't that a real human face?"... 'Surprised' at the appearance of virtual YouTuber Louie


Recently in an online community, an article containing a picture of YouTuber Louie was published and became a hot topic.
The article contained a video of 'Louis's Gangneung Travel Vlog', which was released on the YouTube channel 'Louis Covery' in November of last year.


It looks like a human, but a virtual face? Virtual YouTuber Louie topic


Virtual YouTuber 'Louis' is a hot topic .

On the 21st, virtual YouTuber Louie's photos and writings are spreading through online communities.

Louis' face is a virtual face that does not exist in reality. D.O.B Studio said on YouTube, "I deliberately made less AI training because I couldn't recognize the virtual face."


(Note) Non-audio studio & Co. Korean juveniles at the door joint venture agreement signing ceremony


On the 19th, a joint business contract was signed with Korean at Your Door for online Korean language education service using Virtual Human.


virtual human

Helping Real Humans?

Korea Economy  2021-01-15

Interesting news has arrived that Virtual Human, developed with domestic technology, has been appointed as an ambassador for the Korea New Life Welfare Foundation, which conducts volunteer activities nationwide.

서울 경제 기사.PNG

this face

A virtual face created by AI.

Seoul Economy 2021-01-04

First shown at the 2020 AI EXPO KOREA held at COEX in October last year, Louis is the first virtual human character produced by D.O.B. What is D.O.V Studio trying to do with this technology?

데일리안 기사.PNG


It is also used for this.

Dalian 2020-12-31

“The appearance of Louis singing with other music creators who are real humans with a happy and bright expression all the time shows that this technology of creating videos with virtual faces can be used in a way that is not illegal, but for humanity. symbolize that”


International artificial intelligence competition

Virtual Human Revealed

Yonhap News 2020-10-26

D.O.B Studio, unveiled a virtual human at the International Artificial Intelligence Competition on the 27th and 28th...

CEO Oh Je-wook said, "We are creating highly sustainable YouTube content so that virtual humans can continue online activities that are no different from real people through steady interactions."

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